PHOTO BY: DAVID PACHECO

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           PHOTO BY: DAVID PACHECO

—  About

Carlos Andrés is an Industrial Designer & Photographer born and raised in the desert lands of Mexico.

   With a huge passion for arts and Rock & Roll, Carlos has been doing photography since 2013, travelling around the world with metal & rock bands and documenting several notable festivals like HellFest in France and Vans Warped Tour in the USA, taking pictures of bands like KISS, Black Sabbath, Paramore, Interpol and many more!.  He also has a big passion for fashion, design, street culture and architecture, so every time he's on the road, he always tries to capture every detail on his surrounding  to share it with the people or use it for future inspiration.

He is a person who looks forward to keep learning everyday, from studying to learn from his surrounding. Carlos has been in masterclasses and workshops with big names in the art industry such as the Film Director and Producer Tim Burton, and Jvdas Berra, one of the best fashion and fine art photographers in the world.

As an Industrial Designer, Carlos Andrés has been working for the past 2 years on the investigation, design and developement of electric guitars made of high quality mexican woods + sustainable materials, looking forward to improve in the buliding techniques and the ergonomics of the product.  There are 4 different guitar designs and prototypes in his portfolio.

Here you will find a compilation of the best of his work, take your time to check it out and enjoy the view!